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Union City, PA (December 11, 2012) Molded Fiber Glass Union City (MFG Union City), is continuously improving the quality of life for its manufacturing teammates.  Eric Brace our Service Engineering Manager found a way to reduce trim dust in the air in the plant during a recent experiment conducted in our custom made Robotic Trimming System. The fiberglass product is placed in the system, trimmed down to customer’s specification, leaving a pound per part of dust in the work cell.  “We’re trimming up to 24 parts a day, it could be 24 pounds of dust in the air, but we contain it in the cell,” said Brace.  

“Being able to take that much dust out of the facility’s air is a huge benefit to the health of our teammates and the environment.  We have dust collectors all over the place, but being a fiberglass manufacturer you’re going to have a small quantity in the air, trimming on this machine and having the dust collect in the cell is a huge step forward for us,” said Bob Bowles, our Health, Safety and Environment Manager. 

Molded Fiber Glass Union City
Union City is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, focused on molding products and providing services for the custom manufacturing, alternative energy, construction, heavy truck, military, locomotive, transportation and corrosion markets. With more than 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space, MFG UC has the capacity to produce, assemble and paint extremely large and complicated Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics structures.

Molded Fiber Glass Company
MFG Company was founded in Ashtabula Ohio in 1948 by Robert S. Morrison.  Privately owned, current President/CEO Richard S. Morrison is responsible of Corporate Headquarters and the fifteen entities in the US and Mexico. More information on Corporate Headquarters can be found at